Friday, October 23, 2009

Romantic Soaps Tutorial, a la The Soap Queen

Today I watched the latest video over at the Soap Queen, using rubber stamps to make cool debossed designs in glycerin soap. I love how she used 3 colors to create a lot of dimension and make the design really stand out! Check out that great video here. Here is a project using the same general technique, but with just one pour.

Click on photo to enlarge.

First, find some cool little nick nacks with a flat back. I had a field day shopping for mine over at Snap Crafty. Check out the plastic charms section for loads of tantalizing goodies!

Then, take a basic mold with a flat face. I used the new Soapylove scalloped m
olds in rectangle and heart shapes*. Use a dot of rubber cement or a glue stick to glue down your trinkets with the design side up (these types of glue either come off or wash off easily so your mold is unharmed). Try to get the edges well seated so soap won't seep under.

Now, simply melt some white or clear soap. Color and scent any way you like! I used the Soapylove Naturally Clear soap base and the pink and cream colorants from the Sweet Treats colorant set (find all supplies here).

Fill your mold, allow to harden, and unmold. If the trinket comes out of the mold into your soap, just pick it out carefully with a toothpick or other fine item. Smooth edges with your finger. Voila!

Make sure to check out the Soap Queen tomorrow, since I'll be guest blogging! A brand new project will be posted that I'm super excited about. If you like cupcakes or anything with frosting (hint hint), you're going to love it!

*I had a special tester mold that had one of each shape on it. This exact mold is not available, but each design is offered a la carte.
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