Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Pops and New Kokeshi Dolls!

There is a lot of newness at Soapylove!  New styles are being cranked out faster than I can melt soap!  So here they are...

Rock N Roll Soapy Pop: this awesome swirly style has electric blue marbled into hot pink with a mouth watering Black Cherry fragrance.  Definitely the coolest Pop on the block!

Island Style: Summer is in full swing and what's better than a little tropical treat?  The swirly pinky-orange wave of color in a clear yellow bar looks like a Maui sunset, and the Pineapple scent is just like those awesome Big Sticks of our childhoods! 

And then in my Etsy shop, I have brought back the popular Kokeshi Boxed Soaps.  This time the background colors are a little more subtle to show off the beautiful details of the doll illustrations.  The Peach and White Ginger scents are sweet and sophisticated.

From now until August 29, the new Soapy Pops styles have free shipping, and they're available for wholesale orders, too.  So don't miss out (click here)!  Get your summer ice pop fix every day!  :)
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