Monday, July 19, 2010

PB&J Marshmallows, anyone?

Last week's Bubble Gum Marshmallow Soaps sold out in one day, but there's more where that came from!  This week's Marshmallow flavor is PB&J.  Yummy peanut butter and grape jelly scent (just like those great 80's scratch n' sniff stickers!) will tickle your nose whenever you use one of these light and airy little blocks. 

Each 1" cube soap marshmallow lasts one or two washes, and you'll get 27 of them per box!  In beige and grape, their colors are as sweet as their fragrance.  They would make a perfect gift for your favorite back-to-schooler or candy fan in your life.

Hurry over to my Etsy shop and grab one - there are only 3 boxes available!  Click here.
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