Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Natural Lip Balm recipe and video

Hello Kin Community viewers and Soapyfans!  This is the last video in the 8 video series I made with Kin Community.

It's been amazing seeing all of the projects come to life with their amazing style!  So since you are probably here to get the full instructions on how to make your own lip balm, let's cut to the chase!  Here you go!  

Natural lip balm
Supplies (all can be purchased at Brambleberry.com, or in health food stores)
½ t. honey
1 T. sweet almond oil
1 T. coconut oil
1 ½ t. beeswax pellets
Lip balm pots

Microwave all but honey until melted.  Stir in honey until incorporated.  You can reheat the mixture if it thickens before you can pour it.  Pour into lip balm pots.
Allow to harden.  Use!

For lots of great Soapylove tutorials, check out www.soapylove.com.  Thanks so much for coming!


Lori at The Nova Studio said...

Ooo, this recipe sounds lovely! I'm so sad that this is the last video :( But I am also happy that we finally got to see your pretty face in one of them ;) Great work, Debbie!

Anne-Marie said...

Great video (and recipe), Debbie! I've really enjoyed watching all of your videos and seeing the great projects you've put together. :)

Debbie Chialtas said...

Thanks Lori and Anne-Marie!! I was so lucky to work with Robert Mahar at Kin Community. He was my first wholesale customer ever, became my crafty friend, and eventually became the producer for Kin Community. It's neat how connections can work out (he wrote the introduction to my book, The Art of Soap, too!). It's a small world!

Heather said...

Can this be put into tubes, also?

Debbie Chialtas said...

Hi Heather! This recipe is pretty soft. I would increase the beeswax if you want to use tubes.

breemoix said...

Hi debbie, is there a way to flavor it? esp vanilla or flavoring? and what bout food coloring or some way to dye it a color?

Debbie Chialtas said...

Hi Breemoix,
Since it has honey it's already sweet which you may like as is. You can find flavor oils online in many flavors, and you can color it with lip-safe micas, but food coloring might not incorporate since this is an oil based recipe. If you search online for lip balm recipes you will find many variations. Have fun!

Courtney Viqueira said...

Hey there, I tried this out (with a double batch for Christmas presents, and I had a really hard time getting the honey to incorporate. I can't tell how long it should take to fully mix it... do you have any tips/hints?

Debbie Chialtas said...

Hi Courtney - I looked up problems with incorporating honey and found this tip:

Do not add honey prior to melting your oils. The honey will burn. If your honey burns, it will not incorporate into your oils.

It's probably too late since you were making it for Xmas presents, but maybe it will help in the future!

Michelle said...

hi, i wanted to know if like i wanted to add a strawberry flavouring to the recipe, do i still have to add the coconut oil and sweet almond oil?

Debbie Chialtas said...

Hi Michelle! You would just add a few drops of flavor oil to the recipe. Don't reduce the other oils.