Thursday, November 13, 2008

Soapy Contest!! Win an Awesome Neon Soap Paint Kit from PJ Soaps!

My friend and fellow soapmaking addict, Paula from PJ Soaps, makes these incredible soap paint kits. You may have read about them before when I made my Day of the Dead Soapsicles. I was so impressed by how easy it was to make my soaps look even more special!

Now you can try Paula's Neon Soap Paint Kit ($24 value) for free! You'll get 8 colors plus arrowroot powder to prime your soap. All you'll need is a fine paintbrush and a cup of water (and soap to paint - even store bought!) Just comment in the box at the top of my blog and tell me what you love and hate (or not love) about melt and pour soapmaking. If you have never tried "M&P" before, tell me why you haven't taken the leap.

The winner will be chosen randomly, so don't sugar coat your answer - tell me what you really think!! :) One of my goals with Soapylove is to share how much fun soap crafting is, so if I know why many of you haven't felt the love yet, then I'll know how I can make it fun for you!

You can enter once and the contest will be over on November 20. So go ahead - let me have it!
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