Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Skulls Lurking Underground a la MirandaRanda!

I am always really excited to see soap makers use the tutorials that I post, and recently Miranda of Alt-Soap/Miranda Randa contacted me to make sure it was okay to sell the projects she made from the "Bubbles from the Crypt" tutorial on the Soap Queen blog. Of course it's okay - it's strongly encouraged!

When I went to check out her soaps, I was really impressed! She not only made the full skeleton like I did, but she also has this cool skull version (pictured above). I spotted the soapy eyeballs, too, but with added red veins - super creepy and awesome!

Thank you so much Miranda for contacting me, and thanks for doing such an amazing job with the projects!

I love hearing from all of you when you try out a project from my book, my blog, or the Soap Queen. Please keep me posted!
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