Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Super Spooky Soaps from PJ Soaps!

Paula from PJ Soaps taught at Otion this summer, so I was so excited to meet her there in person. We hit it off instantly - she's just as crazy about soap as I am!!

Well, she was curious about my Glow in the Dark Soap Chips, so I sent her some, and this is what she made. They are Tree Spirit Soaps. I think they're so cool!! The glowing faces are so spooky - reminds me of Blair Witch Project! :)

You can get some for yourself at PJ Soaps. Don't miss these and all of the other super artistic, jaw dropping soaps she makes.

Oh - and you can also get her soap paints there, which I used on the Day of the Dead Soapsicles. I can't tell you how fun they are to use. Paula has oodles of great stuff on her site, including tips and tricks about soap making - even packaging! It's a must!
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