Friday, January 2, 2009

Looking Back and Moving Forward

2008 was a very intense year for me.

First, it was my debut year as a WAHM. I pride myself on being very independent and the transition to being home and at my 2 kids' service was pretty hard to get used to. Also, I had a baby girl in October of 2007, so 2008 was all about raising her and learning how to keep my 3 year old son occupied at the same time. Since I struggle with PPD (post-partum depression), trying to stay level-headed through newborn trials and toddler tribulations was challenging beyond belief.

Business-wise, the year started out extremely promising. I got a call from one of my buyers saying that O Magazine wanted to include my soaps in the July issue. I overnighted the photographer dozens of soaps, and over the next few months I got emails from the associate editor saying, "you're going to have a full page feature!" and "I hope you understand what this will mean for your business!" and "the beauty editor wants to call you personally to make sure you are ready for the impact of this feature!" My husband and I were planning on borrowing against our house to open a workshop and start production. Literally the minute I walked in the house after choosing a location, I checked my email quickly before calling the landlord and read, "we are so sorry - but your feature has been dropped. This is highly unusual and we're so sorry."

It was like someone died. I grieved for weeks. That sounds melodramatic now, but it was devastating.

The last half of the year was dominated by legal junk. Trademarks, copyrights, cease and desist letters, lawyers... ugh! It was no party. Things have calmed down now, but - yuck.

I think about it now and I chalk it up to "taking my lumps." It was my first year truly committing myself to Soapylove and I learned A LOT. My skin is much thicker when it comes to press opportunities, and I learned a lot about the law, too (I'm a bit cynical but I think that's healthy). Now that my daughter is 14 months old, I'm feeling much more like myself, too.

With 2009 here, I'm very optimistic. "Let's Get Soapy" is much more successful and well received than I expected, I have some exciting developments to announce soon, and my book will finally be published in the fall! I'll be teaching some more and doing some travelling. Things are looking really good.

Thanks for reading my post and for your support of Soapylove. I feel like I am truly following my passion and your participation makes it possible.

Have a fabulous New Year!

Big love,
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