Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mini Glycerin Soap Favors recipe and video

Hello, Kin Community and Soapylove fans!  Welcome back for another fun soap tutorial video!  Today I showed how to make party favor soaps using glycerin soap base (also called "melt and pour").  Here are the supplies and full instructions so you can make them for your next party and wow your friends!  :)

Fondant cutter soap favors
Silicone brownie pan
White glycerin soap base (1 lb per color) – can use goats milk or any opaque white soap base
Fondant cutters (I got the ones in the video from Michael's, made by Wilton)
Cutting board, knife, pyrex cup.
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (optional)
Organza bags with ribbon pull closure (or baggies with ribbons!)

Cut soap base into cubes and melt in microwave on high for 1 minute.  Stir until all chunks have melted.  
Add a few drops of colorant and ½ teaspoon (approx.) of fragrance oil (to your scent preference).
Pour into silicone brownie pan.  Spray with rubbing alcohol to pop any bubbles.
Allow to harden completely, then unmold.
Repeat above for other colors.
Cut soap sheets with cutters.
Wrap in plastic treat bags or organza bags and tie.

If you enjoyed this project, check out my Soapylove book, or the Let's Get Soapy eZine!  It's addictive!  ;)
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